Technical expertise

Our goal is for our customers to achieve market success. To this end, we support them through expert technical advice and an extensive service in product selection, product application and solving specific problems. In this way, we ensure that our partners always get the full benefit of our products.

Our solutions: Innovative and individual

We offer a wide range of services which help our customers to stay ahead of the competition. The range of services we offer – from laboratory use, preliminary application technology studies, trace analyses, sample formulations or onsite problem-solving – are every bit as wide-ranging as the activities of our customers. After all, it is only through innovative and individual solutions that our partners can maximise their success.

Close contact with our customers

Our product responsibility takes the form of close customer contact. We make available information material, help customers train their employees, offer them advice in designing processes and conduct eco-efficiency analyses together with them. To this end, we have trained our sales employees in order to further their awareness of our customers’ needs in terms of health, safety and environmental protection.In addition to the measures required by law, we also endeavour to:

  • Answer customers’ questions regarding environment protection and product safety.
  • Inform customers about the criteria involved in ascertaining whether a product has dangerous properties and how this is determined in the BASF Group.

With every product they purchase, our customers receive a safety data sheet containing comprehensive information about the product and its environmental behaviour as well as instructions on safe disposal and transport.